Planning for the future

Of course it is important to keep positive and to have goals for when you are better.  I think the kind of tenacious person I am targeting will be fairly positive by nature. That was what I found with people I met at the clinic.  They knew the answer just had to be out there and were determined to find it.   They had come from all over the world.  There was a woman there with leukaemia, who told me she had spent many thousands of pounds on different things, but felt she was now getting somewhere.  She had several root canals extracted and told me that when they came out the stink in the surgery was overwhelming, (which tells you something).  She also had “cavitations”; that is another story I won’t go into here.  My point is that she was very determined and very tenacious, a “truth-seeker” who valued her health above everything.  She may or may not succeed – I don’t know, I will try to find her through the clinic.