Toxic overload

Doctors in the alternative field call it “toxic overload”, and it can be very complex and multi-faceted, and daunting to put right.  To many experts the biggest source of toxins by a long way is tooth fillings, both metal and white (which are made radioactive so that they show up on X Rays), but in particular root fillings.  Here you have a toxic material inside a dead tooth.  So you have gangrenous tissue trapped there releasing its bacteria and toxins as well as the toxic filling material itself.  The presence of so many toxins in the body encourages colonisation by parasites and bacteria, which further intoxicates the body. The body’s immune system works overtime but cannot remove the source of the trouble.  Gradually there is a breakdown of general health and cell functions.  It manifests in different organs and conditions in different people.  I think dentistry should be the first thing to address.